Welcome to Lower Saxony!

From one World Heritage to another - from the sea to the mountains - with its magnificent landscapes, welcome to Lower Saxony, the most diverse state of the Federal Republic of Germany! In the north, the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. In the south World Heritage Goslar and the Rammelsberg at the foot of the Harz and the Upper Harz Water-system. In between, the World Heritage Sites with the Fagus Factory Alfeld by Gropius of Bauhaus-style and Hildesheim with its world-famous churches.

The land of the Welfs, rulers of the British Empire and mighty Electors, thrills with North Sea beaches, Geest, marsh, heath and mountains. City beauties such as Lüneburg and Stade invite you to visit. The Welfs also left proud residences like Hannover, Brunswick, Celle and Wolfenbüttel. Magnificent castles, palaces and gardens everywhere and Cuxhaven with its maritime flair. Is there a „Car-City“ anywhere in the world – „Wolfsburg“?

Delicious is the Lower Saxon cuisine: Welfenspeise, tongue stew, game dishes, North Sea fish, crabs, lobster, eel and oysters and green kale, asparagus, Pfannenschlag and other typical sausage-specialties. In addition, the world-famous Einbecker beer and fruit from the Alte Land, the biggest fruit growing area of Europe is also on the UNESCO shortlist.

From the country inn to the top 3 Michelin star, the range of Lower Saxony gastronomy and our Chaîne houses are just waiting to delight you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to seeing you soon in, Lower Saxony!




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